Do You Have an Unfair Child Support or Custody Agreement?

Work with a father's rights attorney in McDonough, GA

Creating a fair child support and custody agreement is harder than it seems. But that doesn't mean you have to live with an unfair arrangement. If you need a father's rights attorney in McDonough, GA, turn to Rhodes Walls Law Office, LLC.

You can file for a modification of child support to have your agreement reevaluated. To schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation with our father's rights attorney, contact us today. You can also talk to us anytime you have a question or concern throughout your case.

Legitimation benefits you and your child

Legitimation benefits you and your child

If you and your child's mother aren't married, you may not have automatic parental rights. However, you can file for rights by working with our father's legitimation attorney. Establishing paternity will benefit both you and your child by:

  • Allowing you to document your financial support
  • Giving you the right to share custody of your child
  • Letting your child inherit property from you if you pass without a will
Don't wait to start the legitimation process. Reach out to our father's legitimation attorney right away.